Apple iPhone 6s with Animated Wallpapers


Would you like to see some action from Apple watch on your iPhone? Then you should look forward to the release of Apple iPhone 6s in the month of september or october. The reason is that there are rumors that Apple would be making animation wallpapers of Apple Watch a part of its new iPhone 6s. This is sure to entice animation lovers. They can get to watch colorful animations of jellyfish, butterflies and flowers on the wallpapers of their phones.

in iOS7, the concept of animated wallpapers was first tested by Apple. The concept has been given life in Apple iPhone 6s which would also mean that Apple’s new operating system iOS9 would be launched. Apple is very enthusiastic about this new feature. It is confident that such animated wallpapers are sure to attract many kids too. This would in turn help in increasing the sales numbers. However, it is not clear whether animated wallpapers would be a part of both Apple iPhone 6s and 6s+ or only 6s+.