Benefits Of Using Hydrovac Technology

Hydro Excavation is a safe digging method that is being extensively utilized by many construction and mining industries. Excavation can be done with a water or air spade. High speed pressured air and water splits through the ground to unearth the essentials or to install utility cables and/or signboards.

The specialized vacuum excavator trucks and lorries are designed to excavate challenging areas without inflicting injuries and posing health hazards to the operatives. Aqua excavation is the safest and the most effective method.

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Benefits Of Hydrovac

  • With hydrovac, digging the ground around hidden infrastructure is possible. There is no loss inflicted upon the electricity, gas, water or sewerage pipelines. This way reinstatement charges can be eliminated.
  • Water excavation can deal with tough soil types like clay and rocks.
  • Hydrovac digging can move thick piles of snow with heated water, which otherwise would be impossible with mechanical digging equipment. Hydro vacuum excavation can work well in areas under -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Aqua excavation technique has the capacity to dig over and above 50 meters, which makes it ideal for mining through deep hard rocky mountains and plains. 
  • Lastly, with hydrovac technology, excavation can be done from over 600 meters distance.

These benefits will surely convince you to employ hydrovac excavation services.