Nigeria’s pride football stadium

Nigeria is one of the country in African region which has one of the best football team in the world. They have been dominating the region's football tournaments for few years. But football is not just the only one that Nigerian people proud of. It is their national football stadium that deserves an appreciation too. If you cannot check it out by yourself you can always see it from our article. The Lagos National Stadium is the stunning football stadium that we are going to discuss about. Keep reading to find out why this national football stadium is one place that every football lover wants to visit during their adventure in Nigeria. For more on West African football news click click here!

Host of Important Events

The Lagos national stadium sometimes competes with its rival stadium in Abuja of Nigeria. But Lagos football stadium has clearly hosted more international events in its venue since it was built in the seventies. As an example, it is often used to host world cup qualifying match in the African region. And when it comes to football, the venue has seen plenty of local tournaments. Some of the most known tournaments include the 1980 and the 2000 African cups of nations. Other than regular football match, it is also often used to host other sports event. It hosted the 1973 all African games in the past. for the official site.

Built to perfection

As you might see the building has been existed for quite a while now. Since it was built in the 1972, the stadium has been renovated and reconstructed. Since being renovated in ’99 the stadium can now host around fifty five thousands of people in its seats. It hosted a lot less of people before. Despite so, it was once hosting more than eighty thousand people as the largest record attendance in the venue. Before Lagos, the stadium is named the Surulere stadium because of its location. Since then it is not only a sports venue but also a venue for social and religious events.