There is no doubt that acne destroys the entire look of the face and it kills the beauty and the personality. Sometimes acne also makes you out of confidence especially when it is about to speak in public or to meet new people in your life. Whether it is the west side of the world or the east side, acne can affect any gender living in any place of the world at any age, there are many reasons of acne, sometimes it is because you hit your puberty age and sometimes it is because of unclean skin and dirtiness on the skin and before you proceed to the best acne treatments it is important to know few important things about acne.

Is Acne Common in Males and Females?

Yes! Acne is common in males and females both, but mostly acne is found in females, especially when they are hitting puberty and it is also called the ‘teen acne’.

Why Teen Acne takes place?

When the age grows and a girl is entered in her teenage, there are lots of changes that takes place within the hormones which causes acne. According to studies, teen acne is also found in boys but majority teenage girls suffer more.

Can Acne happen to Older Women?

As now you know that acne is majority found in females, so there are chances of getting acne at any age. Only the reasons might be different because in teen acne there are chances of having acne due to several hormonal fluctuations and changes, but the women who are not in their teen but still facing acne might be giving space to ‘acne bacteria’ to live on their skin.

Not sure What Acne Bacteria are?

It is alright if you are listening to the term ‘acne bacteria’ for the first time at least you are searching for it because many people do not even bother to research about the main reason of their acne and they ignore looking for the best acne treatments in the initial stage of their acne disease. ‘Acne Bacteria’ is a name given to a bacteria that causes acne on the skin. It takes place on an unclean skin and begins to live there.

Is there any way to get Rid of Acne Bacteria?

Of course there are ways. You should feel blessed that you are living in this era where science has given so many treatments to various skin problems. You can follow these simple instructions in order to get rid of acne or in order to save yourself from these selfish acne bacteria

  • If you are having acne on your cheeks and on other parts of the face then you must get yourself a good cleanser or face wash that includes Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid and use it twice in a day.
  • Do not scratch the area of acne or it might leave scars and also gives you pain.
  • Do not use products which are rich in alkaline pH or else you will feel burning and itchiness on your acne.
  • Try to remain clean and tidy all the time.
  • Visit your dermatologist at least once in every 6 months so that you may get the best acne treatments if needed immediately.