ManGarrincha Football Stadium of Brazil

ManéGarrincha Stadium has a very long true name that you would not be able to remember. Christened as EstádioNacional de Brasília ManéGarrincha, this prestigious arena is the pride and joy of Brazil. It is the second largest stadium in Brazil with the capacity to hold more than seventy thousand people at the time. You would think that with such sheer capability to hold so many people the stands would never be filled to capacity, but there have been instances in history where this football stadium had actually been filled past capacity, and it was quite a sight indeed. When it was first opened for event-hosting in the year of 1974, the ManéGarrincha Stadium was only capable of hosting around forty five thousand spectators, but as demand increases, the stadium was renovated and expanded in order to keep up with its growing popularity. Click here for more in this.

The Uniqueness of ManéGarrincha Stadium, Brazil

ManéGarrincha Stadium was first renovated over a three years period. Finished in the year 2013, its capacity was almost doubled and it quickly became one of the most popular stadiums in Brazil because of its new reputation as the second largest in Brazil. The 2014 FIFA World Cup as well as the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup was held in ManéGarrincha Stadium, and its fame continued to soar. The doubled capacity came at a high price, however, because more than nine hundred million dollars was spent for ManéGarrincha Stadium’s renovations. The Brazilian did not spare any funds for its favorite sport indeed. Although, the initial budget for this renovation was merely three hundred million dollars. The fact that the cost for renovation tripled while the capacity only doubled made ManéGarrincha Stadium one of the most expensive stadiums in the world, second only to Wembley Stadium in England.

EstádioNacional de Brasília ManéGarrincha only became this stadium’s name because of its demolition in the year 2010 in order to make space for the 2014 World Cup. For the prestigious event, because the world’s attention would be riveted to Brazil, ManéGarrincha Stadium transformed into EstádioNacional de Brasília ManéGarrincha, which is bigger not only in name, but also in capacity. Click on to see further.