Does Capsiplex work for weight loss?

Losing weight is hard. The endless calorie counting. Exhausting exercise. It's no wonder companies invest millions of pounds into researching a magic pill that will make shedding the pounds easy – everyone would buy it.  There have been numerous weight loss pills arriving on the market over the years, all with wild and fanciful claims. Most have failed to achieve what they advertise.

Enter Capsiplex, one of the newer diet pills to enter the market. At first glance it seems to follow the same marketing template as all the other weight loss pills. It claims to help you lose weight fast. It claims to be a fat burner. It claims to turbo charge your metabolism. It claims to increase energy levels. So far, so 'meh'. But the difference with Capsiplex is that well known celebrities are actually putting their name to it and have claimed to of lost weight using Capsiplex. So does Capsiplex work? Lets see.

Before we go into the celebrity weight loss stories, normal people seem to be having good results too! Take this story, for example. But obviously the celebrity weight loss stories are far more interesting, so lets have a look at one time Capsiplex spokesperson, Chantelle Houghton. The UK reality TV star and glamour model piled on the pounds after a messy relationship with a fellow reality TV star.

Chantelle comfort ate after giving birth and the baby weight piled on further. Chantelle's normally petite figure ballooned to a relatively massive size 14. She found it hard to lose the weight but claimed that after taking Capsiplex, the weight melted away and is now a size 8. Her before and after photos are impressive. Does Capsiplex work? Well surely someone who makes a living being a celebrity would be very careful over the things they endorse. If they were not careful they would lose their credibility. But other celebrity weight loss achievers have put their name to Capsiplex also, this perhaps adding more credibility to the question 'does Capsiplex work?'.

So how does Capsiplex work? Capsiplex claims it burns up to an extra 278 calories per day by using the thermogenic quality of Capsicum, the hot stuff found in chili's. But fear not, the special coating means it won't burn your mouth! Capsaicin also encourages lipolysis. Lipolysis is responsible for breaking down fat. Capsiplex Sport strongly recommend you take it before exercise to get maximum benefit.

Does Capsiplex work? Well, it seems many people are claiming it does. Whilst it is hard to say for certain, it seems to be one of the more promising weight loss pills on the market.