Gallbladder Symptoms In Women And Holistic Treatment Methods

Here are some facts that you may find of particular interest. In western countries, typical gallbladder symptoms women seem to take place more often than in man in countries with western diets and pharmaceutical medicines. They also seem to occur more often in females of Hispanic or Native American descent, that are either over the age of forty or pregnant. These women have the most frequent occurrences of these painful symptoms. Some of the women will be even more prone to having them than others because these things also seem to be related to anti-pregnancy pill use as well as hormone replacement (estrogen) medications. This seems to be one of the reasons why gallbladder symptoms in women take place more frequently than in men. If you are obese you will stand a greater chance of suffering from the condition than people of the average weight will. This is thought to be because of the diet that the obese person ingests. The high fat foods in large quantities make the body need to use the concentrated bile from the gallbladder more frequently so it is surmised that this causes the stones to be more frequently shoved into the bile duct.

It seems that every time we turn around we are being told that we need to modify our diets for some reason or another. In the case of people who are suffering from gallstone symptoms the diet modifications are suggested to help them control the painful attacks they have. It is far more desirable that individuals with gallstones will make the necessary dietary changes so the gallstones can be dissolved rather than surgically removed.  The biggest change in the diets of the people who have the pain from gallstones is for them to cut down on fatty foods. These are of course some of our favorite foods but they are also what are causing us a lot of difficulties like weight gain, diabetes, and gallstones. Foods to be avoided are fatty foods, coffee, onions, eggs, dairy, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts are known to trigger painful gallbladder attacks. For a more holistic approach to gallbladder pain, try this program .