Estadio Azteca Stadium as One of Most Iconic Structure

Estadio Azteca is located in Mexico City, Mexico with 105,000 capacities. This stadium is one of the most emblematic stadiums in world football and the home of Mexican national team. This stadium is probably the best remembered for the two World Cup final’s that hosted in 1970 and 1986. Click here to see more information on this.

Estadio Azteca Stadium has Its Story

Pele, Carlos Alberto, Rivelino and Jairzinho had ever showed their talents in this stadium in 1970. It is not only about it, in 1986, during the quarterfinal between England and Argentina, Azteca was again a central agent in the creation. It is more immortal football history than before and Maradona who became the hand of God was there too. One of the greatest individual goals of all time quickly followed his moment as El Diego weaved his way past the majority of the England team. It makes his name into the global footballing consciousness forever. Jorge Burrachaga scored the winning goal in an epic 3-2 victory over Germany in the final of the same tournament too.

Azteca has its unique history and it is so inextricably linked with some of the most significant moments in football’s remarkable journey. It has had its legend imprinted into the annals of football history and as a result, it will always be one of the game’s most iconic structures. The tickets are available and you can get it in the ticket office. The ticket office is located at the front of the stadium. You just need to down the exit ramps from the Azteca station. You can get to this stadium after end in the Xochimilco Light Rail Station. Numerous tours circulate offering tickets at competitive prices. There is a commemorative plaque with the name of the first goal scorer in the inaugural match.