Harmful Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation

Every mobile phone on the market gives off electromagnetic radiation, and despite the SAR ratings that are published, not one of these phones can really be described as ‘safe.’ That is because of the way in which mobile phones work, which is to send a microwave transmission containing data to the nearest radio tower, which is then relayed across the network. The microwaves are essential, as they are the ‘signal’ that the phone uses to stay in touch. There is therefore no way of avoiding your phone emitting radiation.

And unfortunately, mobile radiation is not safe. The World Health Organization has condemned it as ‘possibly carcinogenic’ and a growing body of evidence suggests that the ‘possibly’ should read ‘definitely.’ Not only does mobile phone radiation harm the electrical activity patterns within the brain, but it is extremely likely that it is also responsible for gliomas, one of the most common types of brain tumour.

As time passes we will inevitably learn more about the negative effect mobile radiation has on various organs, but already we know that it is a significant cause of male infertility. It achieves this by damaging the metabolism of human sperm, causing them to be less viable, and less capable of fertilising an egg.

It also reduces the number of sperm a man produces, making it less likely that he will be capable of fatherhood. And it reduces testosterone levels too.