Using A CNA Practice Test To Study For Your Nursing Exams

Everyone who has gone through nursing school, whether studying to be a registered nurse or a certified nursing assistant, understands that you must have the ability to remember a lot of information over a short amount of time. Nursing school (depending on your degree choice) lasts between two and eight years) while certified nursing assistant programs typically have a duration of six to eight weeks. I wanted to share some information with you today that will help you prepare for your nursing studies starting with a CNA Practice Test created by an amazing nursing resource website called ScrubWire.


ScrubWire, a free resource website developed for nurses and certified nursing assistants serves as a great place to find information relating to healthcare studies. Additionally, the ScrubWire website provides an amazing certified nursing practice test that quizzes users over a set of fifty questions related to the information you learned throughout the certified nursing assistants program. While taking the certified nursing assistants practice test provided by you will not be able to see which questions you answered correctly until you have completed the entire set of fifty questions. The certified nursing assistant practice test is a great resource designed to help you pass your final examinations administered by your state nursing board.


In addition to the CNA practice test provided by ScrubWire you can also find a complete state nursing board directory. If you find yourself trying to locate information about your states official nursing board you can use the directory provided by ScrubWire which will give you the address, phone number, and website for your nursing board. Finally, if you are searching for certified nursing assistant applications you can find those as well while using the ScrubWire website. ScrubWire has provided an amazing section on their website that will get you pointed in the right direction when becoming a certified nursing assistant.