Common Examples Of Legal Steroids

There are many types of legal steroids that are readily available in the market. The variation is in the mechanism of action, popularity of use and the form in which they are commonly available. One example is Dianabol. Principally, Dianabol, like many other legal steroids, was developed to imitate the functions of the male hormone called testosterone. The main use of the compound is to enhance performance in individuals. Therefore, since its development, it has been used to improve the performance of individuals who are undertaking physical activities. Dianabol is commonly available in the form of oral tablets. Also, the compound can be found in the form of injectible preparations.

Stanozol is another common type of legal steroids. As is the case with Dianabol, Stanozol is commonly found in the form of oral tablets. The tablets can be purchased from different sources, with online stores becoming one of the ways of purchasing it that are becoming quite popular. Stanozol works by increasing the rate at which proteins are built up within the cells of the body.  It is this mechanism that makes it popular among individuals who wish to build up their body muscles.

Anavar is another common example of legal steroids. Since its development, the composition has largely been used to help individuals gain weight. The active ingredient in the composition, Oxandrolone, has been known to stimulate the development of body muscle cells. Therefore, the composition is widely used to help individuals gain weight by building up lean body muscles.