Options To Solve Hard Water Problems In Your Home

If you notice soap scum accumulation all around your bathroom fixtures and glass shower door, that doesn't seem to come clean no matter how often you scrub your bathroom.  Chances are that you have hard water and other minerals, the best way to make sure is to pick up a water testing kit from your local hardware store, that you can check the levels or send a water sample off to a lab to get tested.  In the event that you do in fact have hard water and chances are that you do, purchasing a water softener is an easy solution to not only getting better tasting water, but also help to reduce soap scum buildup.  Most homeowners can install a conventional water softener such as the Northstar Water Softener, in their home in a couple of hours or hire a plumber to do the work.  Though if you are looking for an easier to install solution that is also greener there are other options.

Eco friendly options include the the NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softener which relies on a membrane of citric acid, which water is forced through and purified that way. It weights under 20 pounds and can be readily installed and removed fairly easy, making it an idea solution for apartment dwellers that want a solution to hard water problems, but don't want to leave a costly investment behind when they move. The maintenance with a citric acid water softener are also much less than conventional water softeners, since you only have to change the filtration cartridge every couple of months.  Whereas, if you get a conventional water softener, you have to make sure that there is enough salt in the tanks at all times.  Though from a water purification and filtration standpoint, both systems work extremely well and you will be very satisfied with the better tasting and softer water they provide.