Stop Smoking with FREE Hypnosis

Since the American Medical Association (AMA) approved the use of clinical hypnosis in the 1950's, thousands of people have found hypnosis to be an effective way to stop smoking, lose weight, and otherwise improve their lives.

For smoking cessation, many hypnotists now even offer a one-time, half-hour individualized session. Since most insurance typically does not cover for hypnosis, the fee-for-service for this half-hour session can be more affordable than other treatments.

 Although some people may benefit from group hypnosis, most appear to find individual sessions as preferable. You can know more about Quit Smoking Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy in Melbourne through internet.

Each singular session often consists of a brief discussion of one's prior smoking behavior and common reasons why people might initially smoke; a discussion of the hypnotic process; reinforcement of one's conscious motivators for wanting to quit; and a simple hypnotic trance induction with a post-hypnotic suggestion for smoking cessation. Most are quite susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, if it's consistent with something desired.

It is not uncommon for many people to have two-pack of cigarettes a day, twenty-plus year’s smokers to quit, after their first session. Subsequent treatment, following-up with a self-hypnosis audio program for smoking cessation is recommended.

Reinforcing the hypnotic suggestions by listening to your self-hypnosis recording daily, for at least two weeks, should help to ensure a more positive treatment.