Food-Grade Natural Diatomaceous Earth – Its Health Advantages

  Diatomaceous Earth – A Multiuse Health Supplement

This food is a multiuse health supplement that benefits in decreasing the level of blood cholesterol and preserves the flexibility of blood vessels. It is also an active natural solution for hypertensive situations. Apart from its main utilities, food grade diatomaceous earth is also necessary for our usual presence. This petrified mineral compound also endorses the absorption of phosphorous and calcium and aids in preserving the hale and hearty state of our nails and hair.

Numerous scientific studies have also established that this supplement also proves to be very operative in treating osteoporosis and preserving the hale and hearty state of our bone structure. Specially, the petrified diatoms taken out from fresh water sources are perfect for human intake. An everyday consumption of one teaspoon of this powdered mineral compound can be considerably helpful to our healthiness. You can consume Silalive diatomaceous earth. It is very beneficial for our body.

Main Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a powerful detoxifier. It naturally fixes with aluminum, mercury and further heavy metals that are present in the digestive area and flushes them out of the body. Numerous scientific studies have also recognized its fungicidal, bactericidal and veridical characteristics and are confirmed to be operative in removing drug remains, pesticides and endotoxins from our body. Moreover, it is also very efficient in removing tapeworms, pinworms and additional kinds of parasitic young insects.