The BEST Supplements for Your Immune System

The immune system is actually a wonderful system. Research has proved that it has a number of miracles that humans are incapable to understand despite the progressive technology currently accessible.

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The body is comprised of about 100 trillion cells that make up all the organs, bones, muscles, tissue, eyes, skin and the other body parts. Almost 8 million cells die each second and are swapped by new cells, persistently revitalising the body. These trillions of cells carry out millions, if not billions of complex activities every second of every moment of your life, irrespective whether you are awake or asleep. The body is an "electric machine" that triggers these activities particularly through enzymes that carry out complicated chemical responses which can recognize and immediately communicate with, and control every single cell in the body. This is far more influential and intelligent than any known computer that exists nowadays. You can locate SupplementPolice on Facebook that can revitalize your body cells and make you look younger.

The Miracle of the Immune System

In case the human body didn't have an "Immune System" we would have to permanently reside in a germ-free closed plastic tent, or we would die within couple of days.

No matter where you live, we are all surrounded and attacked by microorganisms or microforms. If these pathogenic microbes get into our bodies they produce the perfect environment for disease. As Robert Young Ph.D. a leading microbiologist and nutritionist says, "We are living in a plague of "microforms" including yeasts, fungus and moulds as well as bacteria and viruses." These microforms attack our cells and produce poisonous acidic waste in the body that affects healthy cells resulting in various diseases.