Which Are The Best Travel Coffee Cups

There are several travel coffee cups which are better suited for you while travelling. The best of them all include the thermos Nissan tea tumbler with infuser, the oxo good grips liquiseal travel cup, contigo autoseall stainless steel travel mug, starbucks stainless miller tumbler, zojirushi tuff mug and the planetary designs tumbler mug.

The thermos Nissan tea tumbler with an infuser is a 14 ounces cup which costs $23 dollars. It has the best insulation which keeps coffee or tea piping hot for hours and the iced drinks chilled. It has a removable mesh infuser for seeping hot tea or coffee on the go. The screw which is on top must be removed first in order to sip the coffee or tea.

The oxo good grips liquiseal travel mug which is 12 ounces, costs around $22.It has an open and close button on its top which makes it easy to open and sip using only one hand .It works both on hot and cold drinks. It keeps drinks hot for a long time and is good at keeping the iced drinks cold too. On the other side, it has a wide shape which can make it slightly awkward to hold.

Contigo autoseal stainless steel travel cup is another travel cup. Its 16 ounces and cost $20.it has a feature that opens the sipping mechanism when the button is pressed .when the button is released ,the mechanism closes providing a leak proof seal. The tall narrow shape makes the cup very tricky to clean by use of hands.Instead, use a bottle brush to make more thorough cleaning.

The starbucks stainless miller tumbler has a large plastic handle that makes it easy to grasp in the car. A flap on the lid lifts up for sipping and latches back into place to prevent leaks and spills. It is of 16 ounces and costs around $20.The zojirushi tuff mug is 12 ounces and costs around $32.it has a screw on lid that creates a tight seal so you won’t spill a single drop. Coffee on these disposable coffee cups stays hot for two hours.