Texturize Your Walls With These Faux Painting Ideas

Colouring is one of the very most functional surface finishing techniques that can enhance the beauty of specific area quickly. The transformation is even more stunning with faux painting ideas that can truly add both texture and colour to an ordinary wall. There are varieties of techniques that can change the look of any room dramatically.

One of the most interesting faux colour coatings is fresco. A simple fresco offers a mottled, earthy feel which has a rustic charm and increases the beauty of walls of any dining area or living room. It uses a base overcoat and a glaze. You can refer to Colorcraftsmen for texturizing your walls with beautiful colour effects.

A higher polish fresco simulates the shine of rock or marble. The Basic things which are required for the shiny surface are system cover, plaster, and a burnish. A textured fresco make a replica of older plaster wall surfaces and helps to add interest to an area. A surface, a basecoat, and a glaze help in providing the weathered effect.

The Venetian Plaster strategy is another popular faux technique in which attractive plaster is put on to create the feel of real stones. The wall membrane finishes are simply perfect for any type of wall and make it look stylish, high-end look.

While using faux painting wall surfaces, you should consider adding consistency to your surfaces with a fine sand finish. These little granules absorb light and echo and give it a natural feel.