Fables about the Tree Trimming And Pruning

Arborists’ effort on pruning because it will help trees withstands storms, grow healthy and escape infections from bugs and disease. There is a difference between pruning and trimming measures. Trimming is mostly for artistic reasons while pruning is typically about the tree's overall health. Despite those variances, you will overhear several myths that have to do with tree pruning. You should appoint expert tree professionals for expert pruning and hedge trimming.

Here are the top mutual myths that you will listen about pruning.

1: Pruning Wounds and Wound Dressing

Dressings are petroleum based products just like sealants and they are used in fresh cut wood in order to avoid insect infestation and decay. However, it is significant to understand that some studies have revealed that using this type of dressing can source the moisture to be sealed in and therefore cause decay. Eventually using these products can cause diverse cracks which may uncover your tree to unlike pathogens.

2: Spring Pruning

No matter what services you want, be it pruning, trimming or other services the professionals will be happy to address myths concerning spring pruning. The notion is that some trees like birches and maples bleed out when cuts are ended early in the spring. The type of bleeding that you see from pruning is typically not important to the general health of the tree. The best times to prune your trees are after its flowering period and while the tree is in dormancy.