Is the quality of plastic cutlery improving?

If you get a quick look at the sales figures of the plastic cutlery today, you will be astounded at the workmanship of the products. They look wonderful and more than that, they have a robustness that is unparalleled.  However if you thought this was the norm, you were mistaken.

Plastic cutlery is not something that was introduced in the 21st century, but in the late 20th century to the world. However the thing that became its Achilles heel is the quality of the product. Although made with the right mindset, the plastic cutlery was extremely poor in the quality. This led to decreasing sales, and after a while, people simply disregarded the product. So the entire industry started to suffer.

However, with the passing years, the industry shook itself up and made new inroads in the technology of the manufacture of the product. Now, one can proudly say that the plastic cutlery which they see in the market is wonderful looking but more importantly has the strength which was lacking in the past. So, with its resurgence in this section, plastic cutlery is amongst one of the best things to have happened to the general public. After all the use of plastic cutlery is a wonderful way to contribute to the global economy.