How Green Energy Can Create Jobs

How The Green Energy Act

Helped Bring Manufacturing Jobs To Ontario

green energy actThe green energy act has helped bring hundreds of jobs to the town of Guelph, Ontario. Thanks to a feed in tariff contained in the green energy act, more and more renewable energy manufactures are opening up shop or expanding right here in Canada. For example the feed in tariff's provision has led to the hiring of more than 500 people to create solar panels for the company, Canadian Solar. 

How exactly does the green energy act bring manufacturing back to Canada? It implicitly states that in order for companies to benefit from the feed in tariff, the solar panel components must be made with at the very minimum 60% Ontario sourced content. The feed in tariff promotes good returns on renewable energy such as solar power and wind power. The 60% minimum Ontario content provision means that renewable power generators will have a strong incentive to buy renewable energy panels and turbines made right here in places like Guelph. 

If a company decides to purchase solar panels made in a country like China or Mexico where the price to produce is very low, they will not qualify for the built in tariff. Consequently they will then lose out on the special incentives. The new Green Energy legislation can be seen as both economic protectionism and environmental protectionism. When jobs are brought to an an area and the economy expands, the result is a win for the local people. Add the fact, that renewable energy and cleaner air results from the move as well, and this is yet another win.