Protect Your Assets Before Applying for Medicaid

Medicaid is a government health insurance program for people who can't manage medical care on their own. Not everyone qualifies for Medicaid because it is only available to people on a limited income. Each constant state has different regulations for these benefits, so consult with your state to determine what has a need to qualify.

One thing you should know of before trying to get Medicaid is how to safeguard your belongings. Because Medicaid is dependent on need, assets are believed into the formula. Medicaid cannot demand you sell your home, if your home collateral is too much, however, you might not qualify for Medicaid, especially if you want to be qualified for nursing home benefits.

You will find other resources to consider, such as bonds and stocks, vehicles, and personal items. Life insurance coverage even, with a cash value, might lead to a nagging problem. What forms of assets you could have is determined by what group you are in. If you want to know more details regarding Medicaid, you can also visit

Some people feel that if they hide, or hand out a few of their estate to a relative or friend, that they can have the ability to get Medicaid benefits. This isn't always true, in fact, you might finish up spending back money for benefits you took that you weren't entitled to.