When It Becomes Imperative To Keep Your Home and Surrounding Pest-Free

Pests are destructive organisms which affect humans, livestock, food, crops and structures and are detrimental to humans in general. Pest at home means inviting a host of diseases and problems.

The ways and means in which these pests harm us are:

  1. Cockroaches thrive in sewer environments and drains and enter our home for food and warmth. They are carriers of bacteria and thus contaminate food we eat. Their feces and shed skins pollute the air causing breathing illness.
  2. Pests like fleas, bed bugs and lice cause irritation and allergies on skin since they are the main carriers of allergens.
  3. Rodents transmit plague and leptospirosis. Mosquitoes transmit malaria whereas ticks transmit Lyme disease.
  4. Fleas which primarily suck blood, attach themselves to pets thus gaining entry to your homes.
  5. Termites feed on wood thus weakening and rendering the structures unusable and fragile.  To top it, the outward signs of damage become apparent only when interior damage has been done to the core.
  6. Rodents gnaw on wiring, cabinets, pipes and ceilings causing imminent danger to your property.
  7.  Then there are the bookworms, silver fish, carpet beetles and clothes moths which do not cause structural damage but nevertheless even their affects cannot be ignored. 


Thus it becomes sensible to hire services of Brisbane pest control  to get rid of the above problems and make your home pest-free. It becomes economical to invest in good pest control services at the start itself rather than spend your bills on medicine or rebuilding property after the damage is done.