What is Steampunk? The Origin of Steampunk

There are several explanations of “Steampunk”. But it is clear that Steampunk was originated in the 1980s to symbolize a special kind of literature which was lastly undefined. It usually belongs to the Victorian era and is often fused to future-perfect innovations envisioned in that period.


However, the term “Steampunk” is not all about literature. With steampunk fashion, games, arts and music, it has literally become an absolute sub culture. In Steampunk novels, it was just the matter of time in the fantastical imagery when people created mechanisms and gadgets in the style.


These days, everything has been steampunked, from phones to computers, cars to houses. Steampunk costume adds fun element to the party, though it is not the ancient Victorian dress. It adds mechanical and futuristic accessories to add innovative and appealing look.


Steampunk clothing has become more influential over the years in mainstream culture. TV shows like Warehouse 13 and Doctor Who also have items inspired by Steampunk. Warehouse 13 also has objects designed by Richard Nagy, a Steampunk artisan. Recently, Justin Bieber had a video with Steampunk costumes and brass mechanisms. Steampunk has always influenced the graphic novel culture either. The origin of Steampunk dates back to 19th century with romantic sci-fi novels by H.G Wells and Jules Verne.