The Factors Alcohol Play In Drunk Driving And Suicide

Although it is true that an occasional drink is not normally harmful, any form of regular drinking is a potential health hazard. The liver is the organ most susceptible to the noxious effects of alcohol. If you don’t subject yourself to alcohol addiction recovery, the end result of alcoholism could be cirrhosis or liver cancer. As per statistics, one in every ten American adults who drink has a drinking problem, yet only 15 percent of them seek formal help or submit themselves through an alcohol addiction recovery program. It is said that alcoholism exists when the individual is physically dependent upon drinking alcohol. If someone finds the need to drink each and every day, he or she is an alcoholic.

Based on police reports gathered in one study, alcohol has some part to play in more than 95,000 accident and death in the country per year. Drunken driving accounts for the largest number of deaths in the 15 to 24 year age group and alcohol are involved in half of all traffic fatalities.

Alcoholics who has not undergone addiction recovery program are also more likely to suffer from depression, suicide attempts, death in fires, and are more likely to be perpetrators or victims of violent crimes. Alcohol is a factor in 45 % of spouse abuse cases and up to 38% of child-abuse cases.