Popular Teen Halloween Costumes Your Boy will Love

When a girl likes to be scary, a boy loves to be even scarier in Halloween and won’t mind to look really creepy and ugly. The best thing is that there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars for that. The Halloween costumes for male teen can be found easily and cost a lot less than the ones seen in shelves of local stores. Use this imagination to get an awesome, unique look.

Steampunk costume

When hit movies like Suckerpunch and several comic con characters and Steampunk series come, the accessories and Steampunk clothing are always hot. Some of the basic options are spats, dusters and goggles for steampunk fashion.

D Zombie Costume

It gives even scarier look than thriller zombies of the 80s. Give nightmares to your friends for weeks with grayish green jeans, from where torn bones, ligaments and muscles are peeking out. In the grayish blue jacket, body parts are well sewn. It also includes matching gloves with horrible skull mask, torn skin pattern, tangled hair and greenish teeth.

Zombie Doctor Costume

Halloween is a time for zombies where you look seriously scary as Zombie Doctor with stained green shirt, chest underlay and ripped chest.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Look cool yet scary with this special costume. It includes pirate shirt with two belts, witch buckles and blue vest, character bandanna and striped fabric sash.