Two Options When Selling Your House for Cash

If you're saying "I have to sell my house quickly" but you can't afford to move to another place until you've closed on a sale, then you have no choice but to live in your current residence for the meantime. You should consider your prospective buyers' sensitivities during the show-through, though. Don't be too comfortable in your own abode that you neglect to tidy things up in preparation for a house visit.

It also helps if you 'de-personalize' your home, putting away or packing all your personal stuff (collections, toys, fixtures) so buyers don't feel they're imposing on your privacy. Besides, you need to walk through the transitions of a house move; it pays to sever attachments to your current home as soon as possible.

You have to keep everything neat and tidy if you want to guarantee a quick house sale; it's better if you set the standards high and expect finicky homeowners to show up at your doorstep. Women are particular when it comes to cleanliness. A homemaker who knows her way around the house can spot a smudge of dirt ten paces away, and you'll be surprised at the faults your visitors spot after a quick pass through your house. You're probably too familiar in your home to notice areas in need of repair or renovation. Invite a friend or an agent over and obtain a better assessment of your home's current state.

Nevertheless, if you're too busy to tidy up your home, try to contact companies that pay cash for houses  instead. There might even be a big difference in price offering, so don't hesitate to take that route.