What Everyone Should Know Prior Buying Stun Guns

As laws seem to get increasingly more prohibitive nowadays on using and buying hand guns, folks are turning to a much more easy to obtain, and safer to manage kind of self-defense called the stun gun.

One of many benefits of owning a stun weapon over a handgun, aside from the ease of buying, is that a stun gun isn't deadly…that is essential in case you have inquisitive children in the home who might find it despite your best attempts to conceal it.

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While I am a loyal supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I recognize the fears that some parents have when it comes to keeping a handgun in the house when children are present. If you want to buy stun guns for yourself, you may have a look at https://guarddog-security.com/flashlight-stun-guns.


Stun devices are a perfect self-defense weapon because they've several other advantages over hand guns. Self-defense is not just the ability to fend off an attacker if desired but also the ability to be ready for it. In many states where stun gun laws permit the owning of these non-lethal weapons, there are no limitations on carrying.

Unlike guns, which demand a special license to carry in the few areas that one may lawfully carry them, stun devices have no constraints connected with carrying anytime or anyplace. Stun weapons are also no-to-low cost maintenance. Many models are rechargeable so you never have to worry about batteries. Compare that with the cost of ammunition for a pistol.