How To Choose The Best Timber For Your Decking Project?

Courtesy: Paradise Decks and Landscape Design

You want to build a new deck at your house. It is your first time embarking on a project like this and your friend has told you that choosing the right timber is the key to a good deck. However, you are not aware of the options you have available and where you could get the best options. Below are a few tips to help you choose the Best Timber for Your Decking Project.

1. Purpose of the deck

Before building a deck it is important that you decide what the deck will be used for. This is an important decision as it will determine what kind of timber you would use: whether it will be hardwood, softwood or composite. Softwood is usually obtained from coniferous trees, whereas hardwood comes from broad-leaved ones. However, if you are looking for man-made options, composites are the timber of your choice. Considering the weather or the general climate of your area would also help in making this decision.

2. Budget

It is important that before buying the timber or even starting your decking project, you allocate a budget for it. This will help you maintain your finances more carefully later on and will also determine the kind of timber you buy. If you want to go with softwood you can find a huge variety of price options that might suit your budget.

3. Appearance

You certainly would have imagined your deck to look a certain way. You will find different hardwood options in different colours that can match the rest of your selected palette.

Therefore, you can even visit a company for timber decking in Perth to research on creative decking options.