Spinal Decompression – Does Spinal Decompression Work?

Anyone who has been through an injury involving their spinal cord knows and understands how painful and difficult it could be to try to recover from the injury. A damaged spine can cause excruciating back pain, neck pain, and headache even referred pain that is felt in your feet or hands.

The spine column is essentially the control center of the nerve sensation for our body. With its extensive nerve network, back discs, neck discs, and joints, there are a variety of various things that can go wrong with the spine – especially if you have been in an accident or have a chronic condition like arthritis.

You might have heard about non-surgical spinal decompression, which is a therapy method in the chiropractic vein: All chiropractic therapies are completely non-invasive and all natural.  If you want to know more information regarding Spinal Decompression Palm Beach Gardens, you can also go through the web.

Does this treatment work?

Spinal decompression works by gently pulling aside the nerves and discs that are compacted in the spine column (and are therefore causing the pain). Pinched nerves and compacted discs are some of the most frequent injuries relating to the rear and the neck, and the purpose of non-surgical spinal decompression is to resolve this problem.

The individual will be easily strapped onto a specially designed chiropractic table, and the straps will be attached to the machine. The chiropractor will adjust the traction device, an entire computerized process that is customized for each patient, to use a very gentle type of vacuum pressure.