Different Types of Tents Used in Camping

Courtesy- Sepaq

A tent is one of the most essential supplies needed for camping. It is important to choose a tent that suits the camping needs as there is a range of them available in the market. Here is a list of the different types of camping tents that can be seen at a campsite:

1. Ridge Tent

This stable tent is made with a pole at each end. They can be used for a single person or for multiple people, depending on the size of the tent. The disadvantage of such a tent is the height as it is shorter compared to others.

2. Dome Tent

This type of tent has more head space as compared to the ridge tent.  The pole structure is curved with overlaps that shape into an arch on the top of the tent. This is amongst the cheapest in the market and is suitable for families and larger groups of people.

3. Pop Up Tent

This is ideal for beginner campers as it does not require the complex understanding of joining poles and making tents. These tents open up and take the required shape without the need to construct them. Although these tents are expensive, they are light weight to carry on a camping trip. These are one of the camping tent for hire available in the market. 

To conclude, it can be seen that various types of tents are available to fulfill the needs of the camper.