Travel Chiang Rai and Eliminate The Beaten Trail

Chiang Rai is the favorite destination for tourists wishing to accomplish a two or three day trip to Chiang Rai and explore Northern Thailand.

To eliminate the main tourist trail (that the direct road from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai) a recommended path is to go from Chiangmai 77km north to Chiang Dao, one of the 25 areas of Chiang Mai and home to Chiang Dao mountain that the 3rd greatest mountain in Thailand.

In previous times this is a busy trade area where goods were transported into and from Burma. Now it’s a favorite amongst trekkers and those needing to escape the hustle and bustle of Chiangmai without venturing too far. ¬†Find best

Find best Chiang Rai river resort online and make a plan with family to Chiang Rai, a famous city of Bangkok. The city has the diversity of attractions and it has a more relaxed and down-to-earth.

The principal allure is Chiang Dao Cave at the base of the hill, that will be open to visitors to research a tunneled decorated walk manner. Approximately 90km north of Chiang Dao is located Doi Angkhang.

Doi Angkhang largely unknown to foreign tourists but a famous destination for Thai tourists can be actually a wild and scenic frontier range which is located at the border of the Thailand Burma border.

A bunch of peaks and valleys it can be home to colorful hill tribes like the Palong, Lahu, Lisu, and Hmong. If you like mountains then must visit Chiang Rai famous mountains. You can contact us from the website

From the Thai military base camp situated on a ridge at the border of the border, you’ll be able to look out over no man’s land and the sweeping expanse of Myanmar and its remote Shan states.

With binoculars, you can even find the waving Burmese flag indicating the Burmese military base on the opposing hand. Close for the are several Palong, Lahu and Lisu villages which you can visit but still remain very conventional.

Thailand is amongst the most attractive tourist destinations on earth. Having its breath taking natural beauty, ancient temples, mouth watering cuisine and comfortable accommodation alternatives, Thailand has truly become a traveler’s paradise.