Different Types of In-Ground Pools

A swimming pool is an essential for the summers, particularly if you have a large family, or at least a couple of teenagers. People now prefer getting an in-ground pool in their backyard which can be customized according to their needs. If you have been looking to customize your pool, here are three major types of in-ground pools.


  • Fiberglass

The uses of this relatively new material are countless, due to its durability and low maintenance cost. Townsville pools are often made out of fiberglass for the major reason that fiberglass is non-porous, preventing the growth of algae and helping maintain the pH level of the water. It is an excellent option if staying within the budget is your preference, although fiberglass does restrict the ability to customize the shape of the pool.

  • Concrete

Concrete pools are highly customizable with respect to their shape and size, and have been a popular option before the fiberglass. These are robust and durable, similar to fiberglass, making them a good option for continued use, and with children and pets. However, these pools have a high maintenance cost and require a lot of time to be built as well.

  • Vinyl Liner

Vinyl has become popular in recent years, and is being used excessively in home renovation. It is also a material that is being used for in-ground pools, for two major reasons; it is easily customizable in shape, unlike the fiberglass, and it has a low initial cost. However, these require replacements every few years, and can harbor algae.

Make sure you well-research these materials, and choose the best one as per your needs.