All About Linear Slide – High Precision Applications

Linear slide positioning structures are planned to allow numerous manufacturing, assembly, and testing requirements.

These slides are the preferred selection when it comes to high-precision motion control particularly in Nano positioning and micro positioning applications. They are obtainable in a range of drives like voice-coil, piezo, DC servo motor and linear motor with a lead screw or ball screw. You can also look for linear motor stage and controller by clicking right over here.

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There are numerous necessary attributes that a user would usually believe from linear slides. These are low-friction and smooth movement, precision at the Nano-level or micro, and repeatability. Linear slides are cast off across numerous diverse trade segments.

For example, they may be utilized in the health care industry, semiconductor business, packaging, and electronics business, etc.

As stated previously, these slides may be driven by servo motors, piezo motors, as well as stepper motors.  Linear motor makers could be approached for conventional and custom solutions for your toughest requirements.

Here are some frequent industry-wide applications of linear slides:

  • Packaging sector: There are plenty of programs in the packaging industry that involve precise movement control.
  • Metrology: This is the science of measurement.  Making dimensions in the micrometer or nanometer range is a really complicated task which needs high-end and exact gear.