Areas You Should Check Before Hiring a Web Design Company

Questions to Ask Potential Web Design Companies

Choosing between web design companies can be a complicated and difficult thing to do. How will you know if the company will understand your needs? In this article we will look at some questions to ask potential companies before making your choice to ensure you get the best fit for your business

Some Questions to Ask

web design companiesDo They Have a Portfolio?

The first thing you should ask is to see the web design companies various portfolios.  From here you will be able to see design trends, and you will be able to see if the designers reuse ideas or create them specifically for each client. You will also be able to see if the company is using current and modern design and functionality

Any Clients in Your Industry?

Another thing you should ask if whether the company has much experience with your type of business.  Companies that have dealt with your industry before are the better bet, because they will understand specific issues and areas of your industry that will need to be addressed.

What about SEO?

You should definitely ask what the web design companies offer in terms of SEO. Most companies include a basic SEO package, which will be very limited. When looking into SEO add on packages, be sure to check for things like keyword lists, schema, and how often the web development companies do reports.

Do They Handle Content Writing?

Most people prefer to not have to write their own content, as they feel that a professional will be able to do a better job.  If this is the case, be sure to ask whether there is an in-house content writer who will be taking care of this for you

Any Online Presence?

You should be sure that the company you hire has a strong online presence. Since web development obviously requires a lot of web savvy, the company you hire should show theirs by being active online. This includes social media like Facebook, blog posts, and an up to date website. This can also include online reviews

Are Maintenance Packages Available?

There are often issue post launch.  You will want to hire a company that includes a maintenance package so that you are covered for those problems.  A maintenance package would also include minor style changes to the site

Do They Work With Responsive/Mobile Design?

This is a big one, and should not be presented as option or an add-on. Mobile friendly sites are now web standard, and any company that tries to say otherwise is just looking for more money

Are There Price Point Options?

While margins are always important, hiring the cheapest web design company is not the best idea. Often times if the base cost of the website is low it means that the company will try to add on more for a cost. Another reason for low cost could be low care and concern, which again will lead to a lot of problems that will end up costing you more money


These are just some of the things you should be asking web design companies before making a decision. All things being considered, you should go with the company you feel will be the best to work with, both in terms of technical knowledge and personalities. You will want to be confident in the company you hire, as well as enjoy working with them. It is always best to talk to the companies before making a decision so that you can be sure of these things.