Mechanical Air Conditioners Parts

Ac parts that we placed into a mechanical AC, should conform to the function principle. Air-conditioning parts for this kind of equipment are broken up into three categories.

The Main and mandatory components. This category is mandatory, otherwise, a mechanical air conditioner will not work whatsoever the service parts, to Make Sure That the Ac equipment last longer, and also operate effectively, and, the control components, for improving efficacy of their equipment, and maintaining your relaxation and invoices – at optimum level


Main air conditioner parts

There are six parts within such a particular category. Let us explore them one by one.

The breaker

Useful for compressing refrigerant into elevated pressure gas into the condenser, also yanking in low-pressure gas from the evaporator. The high pressure and low pressure is created by the breaker. By exploring you can find everything regarding Air Conditioner.






Condenser and evaporator

All these are simple finned heat exchangers. These air conditioning equipment parts, are formed utilizing a serpentine shaped aluminum (or aluminium) tube, with aluminium fins.

Condenser will work to liquefy questionable refrigerant. Evaporator will operate to Wholly boil low pressure refrigerant, into low pressure gas.

Expansion device

Common expansion devices are either leaky tube, OR thermostatic expansion valve. The big event is allowing pressure develop from the breaker, also allow for refrigerant to expand into low pressure zone.


Tubes are air purifier parts which doesn’t have any moving parts. The most important job would be to direct refrigerant flow, also comprise refrigerant within the AC. Common tube substance is either copper, or aluminium


Airconditioners wouldn’t have the ability to cool, or heat such a thing with no refrigerant. For that reason, this part is essential. Refrigerant is used for absorbing (at evaporator), and expelling (in condenser) heat).

Fans and blowers

Fans are placed at the condenser, and blowers are placed at the evaporator – to aid heat swap. Blowers will also provide better air flow within your house – and also these supply with cool atmosphere to youpersonally, from the evaporator

Support air-conditioning parts

All these are conditioner parts offer the security to the main components, such that those can survive long, and operate reliably.