Tips for Storing Your Bulk Groceries and Goods


Bulk buying can prove to be really beneficial and a time saving strategy for you, if you know certain tips and tricks of storing it.

Whether you get the bulk food delivered through grocery delivery service in Sydney, or you go purchase it yourself, these few tips and tricks help you keep your goods fresh and long lasting:

1. Recycling of glass jars:

Don’t throw away the jam or marmalade jars when they are finished. You can always wash them and reuse them for any sauces or spices bought in bulk. This helps save you the cost of buying new jars and also keep the items sealed in an airtight fashion, increasing its shelf life.

2. Always put an expiry date:

Since bulk items are mostly purchased is loose bags, there are no expiry dates. If you have put something in a glass jar, you need to put the expiry date on it. You wouldn’t want to use an expired pasta sauce next time you cook pasta for your family!

3. Control pantry pests:

Always keep sugar, rice, flour and spices in plastic or glass jars. Never use a paper bag, since insects can easily make their way through paper bags and destroy your goods.

4. Always keep the wet and dry items away:

Make sure that you store the dry items away from wet ones. Tissue paper rolls and other dry items should be kept away from fabric softeners and cleaning agent. If there is a leakage in the wet items, they can easily ruin the dry ones.

Through these tips and tricks, you can save on so much money as well as efforts!