Supergreen Milk Shake Smoothies

Remember in the article how old would you be if you didn't know how old you were I told you that I would give you a list of ideas for Power smoothies that you could make from home that are not only healthy and nutritious and packed with vitamins, minerals and a healthy amount of enzymes, but also they will Super charge your workouts as they cleanse you at the same time (very important)?

Well I will. But first, I would like to explain the benefits of consuming these High Power Green Smoothies, that taste like milk shakes!

Cleansing the body the colon in particular, is whats gonna give you an incredible boost of energy, "that alone" will give you the explosive workouts that you need in order to accomplish the goals you wish to achieve.

Only if you're a professional athlete may you want to use other supplements along with these shakes. And even if you are, a professional athlete (high school, college) etc, the shakes, and information provided here will benefit you greatly, and take your training and game to the next levels, and unbelievable new heights. Please believe it. You can only go up from here, or where your at, believe it.

Cleansing will make you feel like getting up to workout, even with an 8 – 10 hour day facing you, as a matter of fact. The workouts are whats gonna get you threw the day with ease, you'll have far more energy at the end of the day, in other words; so get your cleanse on, it's key, and you can do it with these smoothie shakes (cleanse/eliminate, regularly, 3x a day like we should).

Some people fear cleansing, however it is a natural process, and is vital to optimal health and life. Having a clean colon, by constantly ingesting the proper foods and drinks that will contribute and assist in this process is very important. And making sure that you do the cleansing without constant aid of prescription cleansers etc, is very important also.

Trust me, you can get a phenomenal cleanse from just juicing and eating enough fruits and vegetables. Especially Fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Having a healthy colon not only will allow you to increase your workout load, but it will also enhance every other area of your life. For example, work, study, family, Spirituality, mood, relationships, senses, preventive care, and whole lot more.

Cleansing, naturally, by way of juicing and consuming raw fruits and vegetables, and other live enzyme rich foods is what you want to have (foods that are high in live enzymes and fiber), and live fruits and vegetables, is where its at; preferably organic, however, if you cant do organic at the present time, then by all means, try the regular fresh vvegetable, they are the second best, frozen would be third, something is better than nothing! These few recipes will help get you started!

Kale, carrots, ginger root, celery, beets, cinnamon, "a tap" of nutmeg (be careful, nutmeg is very strong), vanilla flavoring, almonds, ¼ cup oatmeal (but I use buckwheat, a healthier grain, with a lot of protein) honey, molasses, or Stevie to taste, 2 or 4 cups of almond, rice, or soy milk, or apple juice or spring water, and a blender to blend it all together to your own taste.

I like to use a ¼ to ½ teaspoon of sea salt too, but its up to you; it depends on how much I'm making, that determines the amount of sea salt I use, but this is a basic recipe; packed with nutrients and fiber and all kinds of good stuff. Here's a simpler one.

Celery, spinach, kale, carrots, cinnamon, sea salt, oatmeal, almonds, hemp or sunflower seeds Preferably hemp seed, hemp seeds have a very high protein and amino acid profile and content, a green apple, and a half tray of ice in blender,

never mix fruit and vegetables other than green apples, you never mix sweets with anything at all. "Always eat them alone," do to the fact that fruit and vegetables turn toxic when mixed together, that defeats the purpose, but green apples are not as sweet and therefore safe to mix with vegetables. I usually do at least 2 shakes a day. At times 3, morning mid afternoon and late evening.

For now, try these out and watch how they begin to change your entire being, as you begin to transform into this new being. Seeing is believing.

Either mix all fruits; or all vegetables together. Never mix fruits and vegetables with each other, it defeats the purpose. And never add sugar, always use Stevie with vegetables, as it is a plant itself, and has absolutely no sugar, and 0 calories, but is 300 x sweeter than sugar.

In other words, 3 tablespoon of 100% pure Stevie, is comparison to a half a cup of sugar, which is what I use, Stevie, (a true natural sweetener) well discuss more on Stevie in a later article.

Anyway these are a few of my favorite ones that I use almost everyday. You don't have to use the same ingredient all the time, if you like, try using different variations of vegetables and see how you like um.

These's are vegetable smoothies, as opposed to fruit, that are will give you more of a calming type of energizing effect, its incredible, once you get the right mixture and measurements you like, that fit your specific taste. And they're addictive, it's hard to drink just one once you get the perfect taste you like!

If this don't cleanse you out naturally after 3 or 4 days of drinking these, then see your physic an, lol. Those energy drinks in the stores and gas stations that you see could never ever give you the type of over-all health benefits that these power shakes can and will. After the first 3 days, you will notice the difference! I usually do at least 2 shakes a day.

This is the very best route to take as opposed to artificial cleansers, but certain health food stores carry incredible supplements that will also help you out big time, and their safe, but you don't wanna get use to using these products all the time, you want your system and shakes to do the work on their own, naturally, you wanna keep the peristaltic movement of the stomach strong, and operating independently on its own. And this can be done by way of raw and juiced fruits and vegetables.

The reason I feel inclined to stress this so much is because, I have people that I know, and people that I have met, that depend on prescriptions and medications in order to stimulate cleansing in the body (bowel movements), and this is defeating the purpose.

9 times out of 10 the very reason why the colon is not functioning properly is because of the lack of enzymes within the colon! Medication, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sugar, white flours dairy products and breads, is what depletes good bacteria in the first place!

The only reason as a person gets older that they tend to have problems in these areas (elimination) is due to the years of putting a lot of the wrong thing in, and not enough of the right things, and juicing corrects all of that.

By adding to friendly bacteria and fiber, and aids tremendously at restoring the inner ecosystem balance (friendly bacteria, flora) etc. "at any age," while at the same time overwhelming free radicals (molecules that spread rapidly and break down the immune system), and healing the gut!

You can't go wrong with moderate juicing (once or twice a day), but you do want to experiment with your own body and see what works best for you. Don't just take what I say and try and do what I do, try it for yourself long enough to witness the change for the better and see if its for you, and go from there.

But test it out first, to see how many times a day is right for you, everybody's mind body spirit is different, but these formulas I am giving you are almost fail safe, and positive feedback and experiences is all I've had.

A few initial side effects maybe something like bloating, broccoli, and cauliflower usually have that type of effect, more than anything else that I've tried, so I try to avoid those. Other than that, nothing but increased workload, awareness, productivity, the ability to take on much more than you may think you can, extreme added confidence, skin tone and complexion, are all the added benefits that you'll receive.

The colon rules your entire universe, and all the celestial bodies around it (bladder, heart, kidneys, brain) etc; however, the liver is the first major line of the bodies inner defense, as things are ingested and attempt to travel through the body, first food and drinks are stopped at the baggage claim to check-in so to speak; in other words, everything has to check into, and be filtered threw the liver before being distributed throughout the body.

I will cover more on this and the colon in the next upcoming article, but for now, go ahead and get started. Here's a real good website for you, where you can order your Stevie all natural pure sweetener from on line, make sure you get the powder, not the liquid, the powder to me is more potent, and gives you much more bang for your buck.

Just move to this website, and you will find more tips.