Stanchions and its Effect on the Human Psychology

In this fast-moving world, people have less time and even weaker patience levels. We all want to be the first in school, at home, in the office, etc. Being first has become part of our life cycle, and so has it into lines.

It bothers people to be second in line if the person in front seems to be taking a long time, even though it may take that every person the same amount of time to do the following and this provokes people to get impatient and aggressive.

Nothing works better than stanchions in a store

Though stanchions are for the exact use of keeping people in lines, they keep people entertained as well, as studies show that when people are bored and anxious they tend to find something to keep themselves entertained, some stores put up posters some put up mirrors and some keep people interested with signage and banners.

Curiosity of standing in a stanchioned line

Stanchions have always intrigued peoples curiosity and knowledge and assist their minds into thinking that they are required to stand in line and find something to do while their turn comes. This process helps store owners, especially to keep things under control in their stores at billing lines as these lines on busy days can be pretty crowded and frustrating.


This powerful in-human mechanism teaches us a lot as well as without them things are hay-wire but when they are installed everything is under control.