Types Of Oils Used For Massages

Courtesy: OilHealthBenefits

People are extensively turning towards massage therapies for fighting illnesses and body pains. This has naturally increased the demand for masseurs as well are massage essentials. One of the basic things required while giving a basic massage are oils.

Oils are one of the key ingredients used for giving massages. Here are some of the most commonly used massage oils and their uses:

  • Water dispersible massage oil

This is probably the most common oil type used for giving massages. The reason why this oil is used by most masseurs is that it increases towel life and the chances of the towel catching fire in the dryer decreases.

  • Sweet Almond oil

This pale-yellow oil is a bit greasy and this is why it glides over the body effortlessly. It is fast absorbent but you don’t have to reapply it again and again. Besides those who are allergic to nuts, this oil works perfectly for everyone else.

  • Apricot Kernel Oil

This oil is quite similar to the almond oil, in terms of color and texture. However, it contains Vitamin E in great quantities and it is a little expensive as compared to the almond oil. It has all the essential fatty acids that make this oil great for mature, dry, inflamed and sensitive skin. This is an excellent alternative for almond oil and works amazingly for aromatherapy.

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