Humidors For Keeping Cigars Well

At first glance, a cigar humidor may seem like an ordinary box. Made from wood, its inside is often carved from exquisite Spanish cedar. You can buy high-quality humidors via

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A humidor is far from becoming merely another box, yet. While mostly utilized as storage, then it might also be utilized for preserving and aging cigars. It might even be utilized as a precious family heirloom that’s passed from 1 generation to another.

Seasoning Humidor

Well, seasoning provides the humidor a feeling similar to the tropical climate in which the vast majority of cigars are created. To season humidors, follow these carefully and step by step:

  1. Soak a fresh sponge from distilled water. Don’t use soap or scents. Furthermore, don’t use tap water as it contains minerals which may damage the humidor.
  2. Wipe each the wood. This includes the interior lid along with the dividers. Be certain not to utilize a fraying fabric or paper towels since these can damage the wood.
  3. Spray the sponge with extra distilled water. Subsequently, put it within the cigar humidor, in addition to a plastic tote. The plastic bag is essential since it retains the sponge out of touching the wood right.
  4. Following the humidifying application is stuffed, it has to be wiped down. Then, for approximately 30 minutes, it ought to rest on a towel.
  5. Together with all the sponge and the humidifying instrument indoors, shut the humidor lid and allow it to sit overnight.