Different Types of Promotional Lanyards

The main reason lanyards are very popularly used as promotional products are that they can easily be customized according to your needs. Moreover, they can easily be used by employees, staff, customers, clients, visitors and so on.

Following are some commonly used types of lanyards:

Courtesy: wikimedia

1. Plain lanyards

As the name indicates these are the simplest types of lanyards available in the market. They usually consist of a string or rope and there is no specific design or image printed on it. Moreover, only one colour is used on these and there are no extra frills. This type of lanyards is usually used by companies with a lot of employees and staff. You can easily get them at an economical price if they are ordered in bulk.

2. Badge Lanyards

The main purpose of a badge lanyard is to carry ID cards of employees, customer or visitors. These lanyards are usually customized according to different companies and organizations. Most of the organizations have their logo or tagline printed on them. There is a buckle attached at the end of the lanyard which helps them to carry their ID card.

3. Beaded lanyards

These are a stylish version of lanyards; you can easily make them simpler or more stylish according to your needs. They can easily be used for carrying a variety of things including camera, pen drives, wallets, mobiles, glasses, USBs, etc. You can also order these in multiple colours and designs depending on the need and the occasion.

Each of the above-mentioned type of lanyard can easily be customized according to your needs and requirements.