Control your cortisol level to reduce weight

It may sound strange but reality is that cortisol plays a very important role in weight gain. On the other hand, cortisol can also ruin the weight loss process entirely. Studies have shown that cortisol has a deep impact on the weight loss process.

Cortisol is a hormone that is related to the stress. When we become too much stressed, our body releases the cortisol and it affects weight loss process. You can use best dietary supplements to control your cortisol level to stay healthy and to lose weight.

Decrease the metabolism rate

Studies have revealed that cortisol can decrease the metabolic rate significantly. In one study of 15 people, it was found that people who were more stressed, they lost weight at a slow pace and people who were not stressed, they lost weight at a fast pace.

Therefore, you must find the ways to keep the cortisol levels low in your body. One way can be that you should remain happy and calm every time.

Increase the hunger

Studies have also found that cortisol increases the hunger level notably. If your cortisol level is increased, then it is obvious that you’ll feel more hunger and, in turn, you’ll eat more. In this way, cortisol can damage your weight loss progress.