All About Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots on the skin or hyperpigmentation are due to the increased production of melanin.

This can be due to various reasons such as acne, sun damage, pregnancy, birth control pills, burns or abrasions among other things that damage skin. If you want to know more about hyperpigmentation treatment then you can visit

There are several different ways to treat hyperpigmentation from within the counter lotions, skin lotions, to laser treatment, but here we’ll concentrate on simple home treatments.


Mint leaves have calming and healing properties that can assist your skin. Just crushed fresh mint leaves into a paste. It’s possible to add a little milk to smooth the glue if you desire.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a superb herb with antifungal properties. It’s famous because of its effectiveness in treating many health and skin ailments. It’s ideal to use fresh raw aloe vera. Only crack or cut on a leaf and apply the gel right to the darkened area of skin.


Potato has organic bleaching properties, and that is the reason why it is excellent for lightening blemishes and stains in addition to the darkened skin. Cut a potato into thin pieces and set them onto the affected region for half an hour.

All these are a few home remedies for hyperpigmentation which you can attempt. It’s crucial that you stick with all those remedies you opt to utilize for 2 or 3 weeks before giving it up. Hyperpigmentation doesn’t go away instantly and it may take a few months to lighten skin to a preferred appearance.