All About Medical Lab Test Reports


Departments of Medical lab
A standard medical or pathology lab consists of following departments:

Clinical pathology
Includes test on urine and stool (feces). You can also know more about medical lab test reports by clicking right here Home – Lincoln Diagnostics, LLC.

test tubes

Study of the chemistry of human body or chemistry of a human cell

It is the study of In vitro (inside the lab) Antigen/Antibody reactions

Antigen (foreign particles): a substance protein in nature which when enters the body provokes the production of antibodies. The antigen can be a bacteria, virus, fungus, pollen etc

Antibody (body’s defense): a substance protein in nature which is produced in response to an antigen in the human body, they are also called protective proteins e.g. IgG, IgM etc

Histopathology is the examination of tissues from the body under a microscope to spot the signs and characteristics of the disease.

Is the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, fungus and parasite


Blood C P (blood complete picture)

The test includes following parameters

Red blood cells (RBC) count
RBC’S are the blood cells which carry and transport oxygen in the body, they do not have a nucleus and are red in color due to the presence of a pigment called hemoglobin

RBC count is lower than normal in most of the cases of anemia
Normal values:
Male: 4.5 to 5.5 million / L
Female: 3.8 to 4.8 million / L