Nyauw Gunarto Explains Why Summers Are Getting Hotter

With summer season at its peak, people are enjoying their vacations at cool spots. In many parts of the world, the summer season is not about fun in the sun, but it’s about how to stay cool, hydrated and at times, alive. Summer season in many parts of the world is life-threatening, and if no precautions are taken, then it will certainly going to kill people in great numbers.

                         Nyauw Gunarto paining on nelson mandela

But, there are places where people can go to prevent sunburn and other damages that are caused by getting in contact with the sunrays for a long time. So, it is absolutely right to say that our earth has provided us with all the resources to help us 365 days a year, yet we shamelessly abandon our earth, thinking we own all that.

                                             Nyauw Gunarto from Semarang

We need to change this shameless mentality because this is hurting us big time. People like Nyauw Gunarto are constantly trying to bring the issue of global warming and declining health of nature in front of the masses. Where many have been able to fathom the damages that humanity has caused on earth, some have turned a blind eye on the same. But, the battle to protect mother nature continues, and people who are fighting vow to fight until their last breath.