Removing Odors in Your Home with an Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are known to be a questionable thing. They’re even banned in California. It’s understandable, though, considering ozone can damage organic things. Organics are things that are living, like humans, pets, and plants. However, microbes like bacteria and viruses will also be affected and killed.

Apart from viruses, bacteria can cause a lot of things to be weird. For the most part, it will cause a few odors that you might not find appealing. This can be caused by things like sweat, dust, pets, and more. These odors can be removed by ozone generators, though.

There’s a handy guide here:

Ozone generators should never be run in occupied space, as said above. This is what causes the danger. Breathing in ozone can cause problems for your lungs and throat. It can even give you a bad headache if you’re not careful. Ozone is quite a violent gas, considering it reacts to anything that’s living.

While the damage isn’t permanent to you, it’ll take a while to heal from it and it can lead to other problems. People with lung disease like asthma should never be around ozone. It’s why local weather reports have an air quality measurement, considering ozone can be at ground level. It will remove all the odors, but you can’t be in the same room with it while it’s running.