Thorough Selection Results In Best Purchase


Because of the preference goes for board shorts there are huge demand world wide and hence there is huge supply but selecting the correct board shorts is never easy. Board shorts are preferred for different water sports and also for casual wear and this is the reason that board shorts come in huge variety. While selecting the board shorts for particular purpose one must understand its different parameters.

Fit And Length: Most of the board shorts are for 22” as this is considered as the standard size in length but because of the versatile use of board shorts it has started coming in different length.

Shorter/Modern Fit: Board shorts do come in 18” of length for this category and it do come in tailored fit.

Mid Fit: The length for the category is between 19” to 21” and the fitting is slightly wider as this give comfortable fit which helps in free movement while performing.

Long Fit: This is 22” in length and give the most comfortable fitting which provides maximum movement and mobility.

Material: Material do matter a lot for the board shorts as quick drying material gives better comfort for sports activities where as stuff as cotton give better looks for casual clothing. Though people do prefer bright color for sports, but any color go for casual wear. Men’s navy board shorts are highly preferred for casual wear.

Stretch: Some board shorts are two way stretch and some are four way stretch and selection goes as per the requirement.