Mulberry Satin Silk Sheets

Many people have bought satin thinking that it was silk in the past, so we're here to clear up a few misconceptions that you may have about the two materials. Read below to learn why satin isn't the same as silk and mulberry silk isn't even exactly the same as regular silk!

The first thing that you should know is that satin isn't a type of fabric at all; it's a type of weave! Satin weave is when fabric is woven with 4 weft yarns floating over a single warp yarn. Satin used to be made of silk, but most of the time it's not made of silk now. It's typically made of polyester or nylon.

Silk is made from the harvested cocoons of silk worms. Regular silk is made from the discarded cocoons of wild silk worms, while mulberry silk is produced from the cocoons of silk worms that have been bred in a controlled environment and only fed mulberry tree leaves. You can learn more about mulberry silk at .

If you want to be sure you're getting real silk sheets in a satin weave, you're going to want to look for mulberry silk charmeuse sheets. Charmeuse is a type of satin weave that is more lightweight than other satin weaves and thus is the best weave that you can have for silk.