Dog Hair Loss and Allergic Reactions

Hair loss in dogs is not rare and has numerous reasons. One reason for hair loss in dogs is an allergic reaction. Reasons for the hair loss can be numerous and different.

Irrespective of the reason the dog holder has to search for the reason of the allergy and a way out. You can also visit to get the best pet care.


Listed below are examples of the kinds of allergies your puppy can endure with which may lead to or cause one to eliminate hair.

Allergic reaction to fleas

Your pet may undergo a flea bit allergy when he's sensitive to the flea saliva.  A consequence of this can become your dog itching and scratch in an effort to relieve him in the aggravation.  But, hair loss may be a consequence of these efforts to provide him some relaxation.

Allergic response to Food Allergies

Remarkable as it might seem given his inclination to wolf anything down your beloved pet, exactly like you, may be allergic to certain kinds of food of that hair loss may be a negative effect.

High fever type allergies

Yes – your pet may get hay fever fashion allergies and symptoms in precisely the exact same way a person suffers from hay fever because of pollen and or dust mite troubles.  The symptoms tend to be similar to those introduced with food allergies and may give rise to pet hair loss.