The Stages of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer can be a cancerous and parasitic cancer. The cancer cells have been formed from the cells in the top layer of the cervix, which can be situated in the pelvic region. The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus, also is the lean muscle that connects the uterus into the birth canal.

This virus doesn't always induce cancer, but it's the cause usually. Whether this virus will result in cancer is dependent upon the lifestyle and immune system of the person. People that have a powerful immune system may generally fight the virus.

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Fundamentally there are five stages of cancer, and they are called 0-4. If the cancer isn't stopped in time it'll spread into the uterus, bladder, stomach, lungs and other organs. When it spreads into the organs, there's little if any hope of success.

Stage 0 During this stage the cancer cells exist only on the surface of the cervix and have not begun to spread in the deeper tissues.

Stage 1 cancer still stays in the cervix, but the cells have started to spread in the deeper cells.

Stage 2 cancer has started to spread into the surrounding cells of the uterus.

Stage 3 The cancer is beginning to spread out the cervix. It spreads down and then in the muscles that line the lower pelvic wall. Or it spreads towards the bladder where it may obstruct the flow of urine coming in the embryo and draining to the bladder.

Stage 4 The cancer is spreading to the remainder of the human body, the uterus, and essential organs.